Bioresonance technique is a type of therapy using frequencies to heal living organisms and eradicate harmful parasites, viruses, bacteria and microorganisms from the body.

Humans see themselves as solid creatures which is far from the truth. We are actually a mass of compressed energy emitting our own electromagnetic field. We can't move a muscle or even think without producing an electrical impulse and where there is electricity a magnetic field is also produced. This electromagnetic field gives us our own unique vibration, oscillation and or resonant frequency that can be easily measured with specialized electronic equipment. 

Every living thing  on this planet (including your pets) has its own resonant frequency and every individual organ in your body has its own personal frequency. All bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi have their own frequencies as well. 

When we are healthy our bodies produce smooth regular frequencies and when our body is under stress this frequency becomes irregular and jagged. For example when a specific organ gets sick the frequency drops and changes to an irregular pattern from its normal healthy frequency. Using Bioresonance technique we can produce a healthy frequency for that organ using a frequency generator so it can recuperate its normal functioning behavior. 

The human body can heal and rebalance itself when exposed to healthy frequencies.

BIORESONANCE technique is a non-invasive therapy which involves placing electrodes on your feet, hands and forehead for diagnosis and treatment. The Bioresonance device reads the energy wavelengths coming from your body. After reading the results your practitioner will use the device to manipulate the energy frequencies to allow the body’s cells to vibrate at their healthy frequency.

Bioresonance does not produce any side effects, works with the natural flow of the body, provides additional energy for people without energy, improves overall frequency to the human body, improves mood and attitude, natural treatment for viral/bacterial/parasitic infections and is a painless procedure to name a few advantages of the therapy.

Bioresonance techniques have been used gloably since the 1970’s in countries such as United States, Russia, Europe, Australia, Asia and New Zealand.  


Microbes have their own resonant frequency and when  matching that specific  frequency with bioresonance  the microbe will abosrb the energy and burst. This video is a representation of such results.