Bioresonance technique is a type of therapy using frequencies to heal living organisms and eradicate harmful parasites, viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms from the human body and pets.

BIORESONANCE technique is a non-invasive therapy which involves sending resonant frequencies and or anti-parasitic frequencies to the body’s cells for optimal health.

Life balance devices are intended for home use in-between sessions with your practitioner. This unique electromagnetic device selectively affects pathogens and deactivates them allowing the human body to function free of damaging agents, harmonizing organs and systems as well. 

The main advantage of the Life Balance device is its capabilities in customizing various frequencies for different ailments based on the Life Profi scans and initial history taken from your practitioner. This device already comes preprogrammed with up to 70 programs ranging from 35 anti-parasitic programs, 35 harmonizing programs and 1 general purpose to help fight fatigue and restore protective body functions. Which can be selected individually. 

ABSOLUTE CONTRAINDICATIONS for use of device are individuals with implanted pacemaker, transplanted organs and women in the first trimester of pregnancy.

RELATIVE CONTRAINDICATIONS are myocardial infarction or heart attack. In which patient must wait 2 months before starting bioresonance therapy. NOTE in case of severe heart disease the device must be no closer then 1 foot 6 inches. 



Bioresonance devices are perfect for all members of the family including pets.

Bioresonance devices are perfect for the entire family including pets. 

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